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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Kurnool Pincode / Post Office Search (KURNOOL, Andhra Pradesh)

A.Gokulapadu B.O 518468KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Abdullapuram B.O 518533KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Adoni Arts College S.O 518302KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Agaveli B.O 518225KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Alaganur B.O 518405KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Alavala B.O 518463KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Alur S.O (Kurnool) 518395KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Amadaguntla B.O 518468KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Amakathadu B.O 518216KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Anugonda B.O 518468KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Arekallu B.O 518302KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Arikera B.O 518395KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Arlabanda B.O 518313KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Ashoknagar S.O (Kurnool) 518005KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Aspari S.O 518347KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Atmakur S.O (Kurnool) 518422KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Badinehal B.O 518344KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Baichigeri B.O 518302KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Bairluty B.O 518422KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Balaji Nagar S.O 518006KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Banavanur B.O 518350KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Bannuru B.O 518401KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Bapuram B.O 518348KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Bapuram B.O 518344KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Basapuram B.O 518302KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Basarakodu B.O 518347KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Bastipadu B.O 518218KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Belagal S.O 518462KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Belagallu B.O 518313KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Beldona B.O 518396KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Bethamcherla S.O 518599KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Bevinahal B.O 518348KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Bhagya Nagar-kurnool S.O 518004KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Bhanumukkala B.O 518422KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Bhojanam B.O 518533KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Bilakalaguduru B.O 518508KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Bilehalu B.O 518395KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Billekallu B.O 518347KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Biravolu B.O 518412KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Bogolu B.O 518222KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Bollavaram B.O 518432KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Bollavaram B.O 518218KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Bondimadugula B.O 518467KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Brahmanadoddi B.O 518462KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Brahmanakotkur S.O 518432KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Bukkapuram B.O 518002KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Burandoddi B.O 518462KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Buruzula B.O 518380KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Byluppala B.O 518350KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Cement Nagar S.O 518206KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Chakkaralla B.O 518380KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Chandrapalli B.O 518221KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Channampalli B.O 518390KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Chatlamallapuram B.O 518218KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Chatnihalli B.O 518345KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Chelimilla B.O 518442KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Chellelichelimala B.O 518225KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Cherukucherla B.O 518405KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Cherukulapadu B.O 518216KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Chigali B.O 518347KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Chilakaladona B.O 518345KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Chinna Pendekallu B.O 518350KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Chinnaharivanam B.O 518308KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Chinnahothur B.O 518395KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Chinnahulthi B.O 518380KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Chinnahyti B.O 518346KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Chinnapodilla B.O 518221KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Chinnatekur B.O 518218KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Chinnathumbalam B.O 518319KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Chintakunta B.O 518348KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Chintalapalli B.O 518405KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Chippagiri B.O 518396KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Chirtanakallu B.O 518313KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Chityala B.O 518222KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Chowtkur B.O 518405KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Chudi B.O 518333KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Chunchu Erragudi B.O 518225KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
D. Kotakonda B.O 518350KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Daivamdinne B.O 518360KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Damagatla B.O 518432KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Devanabanda B.O 518347KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Devanakonda S.O 518465KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Devanur B.O 518405KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Dhanapuram B.O 518302KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Dhone S.O 518222KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Dhone-bazar S.O 518222KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Dibbanakallu B.O 518302KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Diguvapadu B.O 518452KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Dinnedevarapadu B.O 518002KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Dommaladinne B.O 518344KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Duddi B.O 518313KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Dudekonda B.O 518380KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Dudyala B.O 518422KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
E.Thandrapadu B.O 518004KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Edduladoddi B.O 518467KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Edururu B.O 518004KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Ellarthi B.O 518395KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Enigabala B.O 518360KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Erigeri B.O 518344KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Errabadu B.O 518463KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Erradoddi B.O 518468KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Erukalacheruvu S.O 518225KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
G.Erragudi B.O 518390KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
G.Hosanahalli B.O 518302KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
G.Singavaram B.O 518004KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Gadivemula S.O 518508KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Gajjehalli B.O 518308KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Ganapuram B.O 518401KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Gani B.O 518010KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Ganjihalli B.O 518463KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Gargeyapuram S.O 518452KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Gokavaram B.O 518422KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Gondiparla B.O 518004KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Gorantla B.O 518468KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Govardhanagiri B.O 518216KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
GPRE College S.O 518007KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Gudikal B.O 518360KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Gudikambali B.O 518333KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Gudipadu B.O 518466KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Gudipadu B.O 518221KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Gudur S.O (Kurnool) 518466KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Gulyam B.O 518348KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Gummanur B.O 518396KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Gundlakonda B.O 518467KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Gundrevula B.O 518462KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Guntakandala B.O 518533KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Gutupalli B.O 518598KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
H.Khairvadi B.O 518463KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
H.Muravani B.O 518323KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Halaharvi B.O 518360KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Halaharvi S.O 518348KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Halebidu B.O 518395KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Haligera B.O 518347KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Halvi S.O 518333KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Hampa B.O 518385KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Hanavolu B.O 518344KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Hardageri B.O 518348KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Harivanam B.O 518308KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Hattibelagallu B.O 518395KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Hebbatam B.O 518308KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Holalagondi S.O 518346KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Honnur B.O 518346KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Hosuru B.O 518380KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Hussainapuram B.O 518010KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Ibharampuram B.O 518345KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Indireswaram B.O 518422KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Ingaladahal S.O 518308KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Iranbanda B.O 518463KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Iskala B.O 518422KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Isvi B.O 518302KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Jagadurthi B.O 518222KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Jakkasanikuntla B.O 518221KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Jaladurgam S.O 518220KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Jalakanur B.O 518405KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Jampapuram B.O 518313KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Jilledubudakala B.O 518465KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Joharapuram B.O 518002KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Joharapuram B.O 518347KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Jonnagiri B.O 518390KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Julekallu B.O 518462KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Jummaladinne B.O 518313KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Jutur B.O 518380KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Jutur B.O 518401KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
K.Markapuram B.O 518468KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
K.N.Puram S.O 518468KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kadamakuntla B.O 518221KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kadimetla B.O 518360KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kadivella S.O 518350KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kadumur B.O 518452KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kaggallu B.O 518313KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kalachatla B.O 518221KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kalludevakuntla B.O 518345KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kallukunta B.O 518323KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kalluru B.O 518003KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kalugotla B.O 518360KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kalva B.O 518010KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kamaganikuntla B.O 518222KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kamavaram B.O 518302KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kambadahal B.O 518360KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kambadahal B.O 518462KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kambaladinne B.O 518360KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kambalapadu B.O 518225KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kaminehal B.O 518348KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kammarchedu B.O 518302KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kandanathi B.O 518350KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kandukuru B.O 518313KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kappatralla B.O 518465KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Karivemula B.O 518465KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Karivena B.O 518422KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Karumanchi B.O 518350KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Katarukonda B.O 518222KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Katriki B.O 518333KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kavuthalam S.O 518344KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kethavaram B.O 518452KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Khairuppala B.O 518465KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Khajeepuram B.O 518396KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
KNL-camp-B S.O 518002KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Knl-osmaniacollege S.O 518001KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kogilathota B.O 518346KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kokkarchedu B.O 518348KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Komarole B.O 518010KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kondapuram B.O 518462KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Konganapadu B.O 518218KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Konidela S.O 518411KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Korrapolur B.O 518508KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kosigi S.O 518313KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kotakonda B.O 518225KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kotchervu B.O 518222KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kotekallu B.O 518360KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kothakota B.O 518466KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kothakota B.O 518221KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kothapalli B.O 518422KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Krishnagiri B.O 518225KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kulumala B.O 518463KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kulumalapalli B.O 518599KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kunkanur B.O 518465KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kuntanahal B.O 518344KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kuppagallu B.O 518344KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kurnool Bazar S.O 518001KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kurnool Dt Court S.O 518001KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kurnool H.O 518001KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kurnool Kothapeta S.O 518001KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kurnool-chowk S.O 518001KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kurukunda B.O 518422KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Kuruvalli B.O 518395KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
L.Polur B.O 518218KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Lakkasagaram B.O 518225KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Lakshminagaram B.O 518216KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Lingadahalli B.O 518308KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Loddipalli B.O 518002KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
M.Agraharam B.O 518385KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
M.S.Nagar S.O 518002KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Maddikera S.O 518385KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Maddur B.O 518533KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Madhavaram S.O (Kurnool) 518319KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Madhire B.O 518302KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Malapalli B.O 518319KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Malkapuram B.O 518222KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Mallapuram B.O 518466KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Mallepalli B.O 518216KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Mallikarjunahalli B.O 518396KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Malyala B.O 518401KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Mamidalapadu B.O 518004KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Manchalakatta B.O 518508KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Mandlem B.O 518401KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Manekurthi B.O 518302KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Mantralaya S.O (Kurnool) 518345KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Mantriki B.O 518323KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Marakattu B.O 518395KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Marlamadiki B.O 518346KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Masapeta B.O 518452KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Medehal B.O 518348KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Meedivemula B.O 518002KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Mekadona B.O 518323KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Mettupalli B.O 518221KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Midthur S.O 518405KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Mittakandala B.O 518442KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Molagavalli B.O 518395KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Mothukuru B.O 518533KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Muddanageri B.O 518395KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Muddavaram B.O 518599KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Mugati B.O 518360KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Mukkella B.O 518467KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Mulagundam B.O 518350KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Munagala B.O 518466KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Musalimadugu B.O 518422KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Musanahalli B.O 518302KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Muthukur B.O 518347KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
N R Peta KNL S.O 518004KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
N.Khairavadi B.O 518345KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
N.Konthalapadu B.O 518010KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
N.S.C.Farm B.O 518401KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Nadichagi B.O 518333KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Nagaladinne B.O 518360KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Naganathanahalli B.O 518308KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Nagardona B.O 518396KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Nagaruru B.O 518347KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Nallachelimala B.O 518467KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Nallakalva B.O 518422KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Nancherla B.O 518385KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Nandanapalli B.O 518452KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Nandavaram S.O 518343KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Nandikotkur S.O 518401KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Nandikotkur-bazar S.O 518401KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Nandikunta B.O 518422KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Narayanapauram B.O 518533KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Narnur B.O 518002KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Nayakallu B.O 518218KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Nemakallu S.O 518396KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Nerniki B.O 518395KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Nidjur B.O 518004KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Nitravatti B.O 518348KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
P.Devalapuram B.O 518533KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
P.Lingala B.O 518401KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Padidempadu B.O 518452KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Pagidirai B.O 518390KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Palukudoddi B.O 518462KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Pamulapadu S.O 518442KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Panchalingala B.O 518004KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Pandikona B.O 518380KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Parla B.O 518468KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Parlapalli B.O 518360KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Parumanchala B.O 518401KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Pasupula B.O 518452KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Peddakadubur S.O 518323KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Peddakothali B.O 518360KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Peddamarriveedu B.O 518463KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Peddanelatur B.O 518463KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Peddapadu B.O 518003KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Peddapodilla B.O 518221KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Peddathumbalam B.O 518302KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Pendekallu S.O 518467KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Peravali B.O 518390KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Pinnapuram B.O 518422KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Polukallu B.O 518462KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Pothidoddi B.O 518221KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Pothugal B.O 518225KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Prakash Nagar S.O 518004KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Prathakota-east B.O 518412KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Pudur B.O 518432KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Pulakurthi B.O 518462KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Puricherla B.O 518452KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Putchakayalamada B.O 518380KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
R.Kanapuram B.O 518466KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
R.Konthalapadu B.O 518004KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
R.Kothapalli B.O 518598KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Ramadurgam B.O 518396KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Rangapuram S.O 518598KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Ratana B.O 518380KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Ratsamarri B.O 518319KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Regadigudur B.O 518508KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Remata B.O 518466KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Rollapadu B.O 518405KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Roudur B.O 518344KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Rudravaram B.O 518452KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
S.R.P.M B.O 518004KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Salkapuram B.O 518468KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Sammatageri B.O 518346KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Santhekudlur B.O 518308KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
SAP Camp-kNL S.O 518003KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Sathanikota B.O 518401KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Sathanur B.O 518313KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Sekunala B.O 518010KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Siddapuram B.O 518422KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Siddapuram B.O 518348KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Siddepalli B.O 518422KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Sivapuram B.O 518422KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Somayajulapalli B.O 518010KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Sri Krishna Nagar S.O 518002KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Srisailam S.O 518101KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Sudepalli B.O 518222KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Sugur B.O 518319KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Sulekeri B.O 518333KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Sunkeswari B.O 518319KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
T.Sakibanda B.O 518348KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
T.Sallakudlur B.O 518360KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Tadakanapalli B.O 518218KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Talamudipi B.O 518508KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Talla Gokulapadu B.O 518216KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Tangadancha B.O 518401KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Tangaradona B.O 518347KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Tarigopula B.O 518401KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Tarturu B.O 518401KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Ternekallu B.O 518465KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Thatipadu B.O 518412KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Thimmandoddi B.O 518462KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Thippanuru B.O 518463KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Tholisapuram B.O 518004KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Thudicherla B.O 518508KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Togarchedu B.O 518216KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Tuggali S.O 518390KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Tummalur B.O 518401KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Udumulapadu B.O 518222KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Ulchala B.O 518468KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Ulindakonda S.O 518218KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Ungaralagundla B.O 518222KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Uppalapadu B.O 518002KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Upparahal B.O 518344KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Vaddeman B.O 518432KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Vadlaramapuram B.O 518422KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Vagarur Thimmapuram B.O 518319KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Vanala B.O 518508KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Vandagallu B.O 518313KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Vandavagili B.O 518308KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Veepanagandla B.O 518405KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Veldurthi S.O 518216KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Velgode S.O 518533KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Velpanur B.O 518533KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Vempenta B.O 518533KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Vengalampalli B.O 518221KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Venkatapuram B.O 518225KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Virupapuram B.O 518347KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Virupapuram B.O 518346KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Vorvakallu S.O 518010KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Vuyyalawada B.O 518002KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Yatakallu B.O 518465KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Yelamakur B.O 518465KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Yembai B.O 518599KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Yemmiganur S.O 518360KurnoolAndhra Pradesh
Yeruru B.O 518396KurnoolAndhra Pradesh